IT-, Intellectual Property, Media and Marketing Law

When it comes to agreements on IT services and software, it is not uncommon that questions arise both before, during and after delivery where the parties have different views on how the agreement should be drafted or what has actually been agreed. We have deep experience of the IT industry and can assist you with the review and production of appropriate agreement documents. Our insights into the risks and economic incentives of IT deliveries serve to navigate you in the right direction in both negotiations and disputes. We also give advice in any question related to data privacy and integrity (e.g. GDPR related issues).

The assets you can't touch are those that require a little extra thought and care. An understanding of intellectual property rights can be crucial your business. And they often involve great value. We help you identify, protect, and licence your rights.

We have wide-ranging experience and a deep understanding of today's media industry. We are conversant in current industry agreements and we can provide you with prompt, useful advice.