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About the firm

We make what is complex simple. We are the smarter alternative for clients who want skilled commercial law advice. We have a passion for what we do, and we work together to develop and secure our clients' business transactions.

Good legal advice is based on knowledge, experience and creativity. Our working environment is characterised by communication. Our working method places a premium on respect and trust, and it brings out the best in all of us. This means that our clients always have access to the totality of the firm’s skills.

We are Westermark Anjou and our job is to make your everyday commercial life a little easier and assist you with state of the art legal advice. How can we help you?

Our core values

We are proud of our corporate culture we have built over the years based on our core values – true partnership, sustainable working life, respect and trust, as well as job satisfaction. We want each employee to meet their colleagues happy and full of anticipation every day. It should be fun to come to the workplace. This requires that we respect each other and each other’s differences – we think differently, process information differently, believe differently, communicate differently, have different conditions, dreams and goals – but together, these differences form a strong company and an exciting workplace.

You can read more about Westermark Anjou’s corporate culture and core values in our Code of Conduct.

Equal Employer

“Starting a cooperation with Women for Leaders has been a way for us to deepen our work with corporate culture and values and receive expert advice along the way”, says Victoria Skoglund, Managing Partner at Westermark Anjou.

Press Release May 2, 2019

Through the cooperation, Westermark Anjou is the first law firm to receive the “Equal Employer” mark. The mark shows that gender equality is a strategic and prioritized area, and that Westermark Anjou complies with the Women for Leaders guidelines, which means that Westermark Anjou:

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Women’s Network

Westermark Anjou's women's network was founded in 2012. The goal of our network is to form contacts and share our experiences. We meet twice a year in a relaxed environment to listen to a talk on an informal, but interesting, subject.

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